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Joye Speight, Virtue Events

“At Virtue Events, we pride ourselves on being able to source talented professionals to work with us to service our clients events. We had the honor to work with Hire Major (Jabre Green) on several of our creative corporate and social events. At every opportunity, Hire Major has exceeded our expectations by being timely, professional and intentional with capturing the spirit and purpose of the event and telling a cohesive story. Do yourself a favor and …..Hire Major! You will not regret it.”
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Daye Covington, Esqo & Co

“I’ve booked Jabre on multiple occasions for both videography and photography with my brand and every single time, he exceeds my expectations. I can be extremely picky but indecisive at the same time, however, Jabre is very patient and helps me come up with a clear vision, then  proceeds to blow it out the park. He has great attention to detail, offers variety when it comes to aesthetics, thinks outside the box, and has been very professional at all times. Then there’s the flawless quality of the photos and videos! I’ll absolutely continue to Hire Major for my videography and photography needs!”
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MIR.I.AM, Carolina Waves CEO/ Founder & K97.5 Radio Personality

"Major is one of the most multi-talented individuals and creatives that I know. There’s nothing he can’t do. I’ve hired him for studio sessions, flyers and graphic design, videos and recaps and just about everything in between. He really is a one stop shop, but he does everything at very high and professional levels - and he’s timely and treats each project with the utmost importance. I’ve been working with him for years and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon."
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